Series of Online Lectures

Individuals and institutions are invited to take part in a series of online lectures which will be offered by and shared among academic Waldorf institutions around the globe.

About the lecture series

As hardly ever before, society is facing global challenges: the Climate crisis, the threat of war, and social justice - these are issues that affect humankind as a whole. What is the task of education in these times? Every pedagogy faces the global challenge of sustainable ecological education, a peacemaking education, and a socially just education that includes all people. It is remarkable, however, that most pedagogies have a solely national reference. In each country, only national curricula apply. Waldorf education is one of the few pedagogies with a global aspect, not only because it is present in almost all countries but also because it gets culturally integrated into these countries. Therein lies a great opportunity for global education. The International Campus Waldorf lecture series wants to discuss the unique global characteristics of Waldorf education: diversity, cultural diversity, sustainability, interreligiousness, and other topics in a global classroom.

If you would like to share the event with your network, you can find a corresponding poster with all the essential information here


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